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Midwest Corporate Air's Aircraft

2006 Diamond DA42 Twin Star (G1000)

Our Diamond DA42 Twin Star is used for multi engine flight training, aircraft rental and aircraft charter.

It offers a G1000 glass cockpit, a King coupled auto pilot, known-ice, and spacious four-place seating at speeds of up to 186 miles per hour.

With this aircraft we can deliver three people to Chicago in approximately 90 minutes.

1979 Cessna 310R

Initially our 1979 Twin Cessna 310R was used as our charter aircraft and multiengine ratings.

Today, it is primarily used by World Class Plastics, Inc. for passenger transport. It is also, used by Midwest Corporate Air for High Performance training and endorsements.

2004 Diamond DA40 Star (G1000)

Our Diamond Star is used for Instrument Flight training and aircraft rental.

It offers a G1000 glass cockpit, a King coupled auto pilot and spacious four-place seating at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour.



1974 Piper Arrow 

Our 1974 Piper Arrow is extremely clean and well maintained. It is used for aircraft rental, instrument training, complex training endorsements and certified flight instructor training.

It offers a Garmin 430, dual vaccum pumps, and dual attitude indicators.

Diamond DA20 Eclipse
2001 and 2003 - Located at KEDJ
2004 - Located at KDLZ

Our Diamond Eclipses have been used to teach over 50 people how to fly. They are also used for aircraft rental.

We also have a Diamond Eclipse located at Spencer Aviation in Deleware, Ohio.

1993 Maule MXT-7-180

Our 1993 Maule is primarily used for banner towing with Midwest Corporate Air.

Pitts S1

This aircraft is currently not rented out.


Our Personal Computer Aircraft Training Device (PCATD) is used for private, instrument and CFII training.

It is great for teaching several IFR principles including timed turns, instrument failures, intercepts, holding and approaches.

It also helps to save a cost for our customers by fully integrating it into our IFR Syllabus.