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Airspace for Everyone - The ABC's of Airspace, by AOPA
Tethered Aerostat Radar System - What is really in that Restricted Area?


Brett Hunter - Pitts Freak
IAC34 - International Aerobatics Club of Ohio


See How it Flies - A new spin on the principles of flight, by John Denker

Engines and Propellers:

But MY Mechanic Says... - by John Deakin
Detonation Mythes - by John Deakin
EGT, CHT and Leaning - byMike Busch
Go Ahead, Abuse Your Engines! - by John Deakin
Lead in the Hogwash - by John Deakin
Manifold Pressure Sucks!
- by John Deakin
Mixture Magic - by John Deakin
Propeller Safety - by AOPA Air Safety Foundation
Props Driving Engines - by John Deakin
Putting It All Together - by John Deakin
Run That Fuel Tank Dry! - by John Deakin
Those Marvelous Props - This is a great arcticle explaining props, by John Deakin
Where Should I Run My Engine (Part I) - by John Deakin
Where Should I Run My Engine (Part II) - by John Deakin


Instrument Flying:

Insturment Rating Syllabus - by Elite Simulation and AOPA.
Single Pilot IFR - by Aopa Air Safety Foundation
USAF Instrument Training Manual - Currently used to train USAF pilots


AIM - FAA Aeronautical Information Manual
FAR's - Federal Aviation Regulations
Operations at Tower Controlled Airports - AOPA Air Safety Foundation

Training Documents:

Multi Engine Training Document - Written by Steve Buchenroth