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Bellefontaine Regional Airport Management

Hours of Operations: See Airport Hours

Airport Hangar Maintenance:

If you find there is a need for maintenance in your hangar or at the airport, please let Steve Buchenroth know via this form. It will take less than one minute and will create a record and a list of action items for Midwest Corporate Air and the city to follow up with.


The Bellefontaine Regional Airport (KEDJ) is owned by the city of Bellefontaine. It is contractually managed by Midwest Corporate Air, Inc. Midwest Corporate Air is owned and operated by Steve Buchenroth. For airport management, he reports directly to the Service Safety Director of Bellefontaine, Mr. Jim Holycross.

Midwest Corporate Air managed the "old" Bellefontaine Airport from 1982 through its closure in 2002. At its closure, Midwest Corporate Air was sold by Lynn Duff to Steve Buchenroth who has continued management at the "new" Bellefontaine Regional Airport.

We Offer:

AT KEDJ we offer a 5,000ft. X 100ft runway with both a GPS and VOR approach to runways 7 and 25. and a very nice terminal building with a conference room available. See our facility.

Conference Room Rental:

Our conference room seats over 30 people and can be rented from the city through Midwest Corporate Air. The cost is $50 for 4 hours or $75 for 8 hours. See our facility. Call the airport at (937) 593-8210.

Hangar Status:

We currently have 4 new large hangars and 5 new regular size hangars available. All hangars have concrete floors and electric overhead doors.

The large hangars are 47ft. 9in.wide, 14ft. high and 40ft. deep. They rent for $225 per month and are capable of holding larger multiengine aircraft.

The regular hangars are 41ft. 9 in. wide, 12ft. high and 36ft. deep. They rent for $180 per month. Call Steve at (937) 935-1667.