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Bellefontaine Regional Airport Line Service by Midwest Corporate Air, Inc.

Jet Fuel Truck

Midwest Corporate Air can deliver Jet A premixed with Prist directly to your aircraft via over-the-wing or with single point refueling. After hours and emergency callout is available. Please contact us ahead of time if able.

Jet A

Jet A with Prist can also be pumped directly from our above ground tanks.

AV100 Low Lead

100 LL is available only from our above ground tanks. After hours service is available. Please contact us ahead of time if able. Emergency callout is also available at a reasonable price.

Snow Plow

At the Bellefontaine Regional Airport, we pride ourselves in keeping up with snow removal immediately. In the event you are going to arrive early and snow fall is immanent, please contact Steve Buchenroth the night before to ensure the runway is cleared to meet your needs.

Air Deere Aircraft Tug

Our Air Deere tug is capable of moving large aircraft up to 14,000 pounds. Should you need an overnight hangar, we can move smaller aircraft with our Air Deere tug, and larger aircraft with our Kubota tractor (not shown).