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Accelerated Multi Engine Training at Midwest Corporate Air, Inc.

accelerated multi engine training

Thinking about earning your Multi Engine Rating, your Multi Engine Instrument Rating, your Multi Engine Instructor Rating, or your Airline Transport Pilot License (ATP)?


Come to the Bellefontaine Regional Airport, one of the newest airports in the United States and have a great time while you earn your Multi Engine Rating in our Garmin G1000 glass cockpit equipped Diamond DA42 Twin Star! You will work hard, but you will have a lot of fun in the process and.........

....upon completion you can rent our Diamond Twin Star!

As a former USAF/ANG Officer and F4 Phantom Aviator, a current Hawker 800XP and Sabreliner 65 Corporate Pilot and an experienced FAA Gold Seal Multi Engine Flight Instructor, I offer the real-world experience that you need to earn your Multi Engine Rating, Multi Engine Instructor Rating (MEI), or Airline Transport Pilot License (ATP) in an accelerated format. To date Midwest Corporate Air has trained and prepared well over 40 individuals for their Multi Engine Private, Multi Engine Commercial or Multi Engine Flight Instructor Ratings......and today thanks to our past Flight Instructors David Maynard and Dustin Buchenroth who have also helped me, we hold a very high first time pass rate!

Yes a multi engine rating can be done in 2 to 3 days at other quality flight schools, however at Midwest Corporate Air, please plan for 3 to 5 days! Why?.....for several reasons. First of all, you will have the opportunity to fly, what the FAA considers to be, a (TAA) Technologically Advanced Aircraft....an aircraft that will introduce you to the future of general aviation. Secondly, with power levers, a FADEC control system and a glass cockpit, it will give you a solid foundation for a professional carreer in the general aviation or airline industry.

Furthermore, not only does it take more time to learn the G1000 glass cockpit avionics system, but we also have to learn many knew terms and definitions that we will use during our day to day operations when learning to fly the Diamond Twin Star. This will include such terms as Magnetometer, Air Data Computer (ADC), Attitude Heading and Reference System (AHRS), PFD, MFD, RMI, EPU, FADEC, Known Ice, TKS, Diesel Engines, water cooling, fuel cooling and many more terms, definitions and features that we will work with.

And when you pass your checkride, you can rent our Diamond Twin Star for personal use, business travel or currency. This is one of the greatest advantages of getting your multi engine rating with us. However, if you already have your multi engine rating, I will work diligently to help you meet the objectives needed to check you out in the shortest amount of time practical in our Diamond Twin Star.

Thank you for considering training and renting with Midwest Corporate Air, Inc,


Steve L. Buchenroth, President, CFII, MEI, ATP
Midwest Corporate Air, Inc.

Multi Engine Training Documents and Videos :


Multi Engine Terms and Definitions


Multi Engine Training - Terms and Definitions - Google Doc

  Multi Engine Training - Terms and Definitions I - Video
  Multi Engine Training - Terms and Definitions II - Video
  Multi Engine Training - Terms and Definitions III - Video
  Multi Engine Training - Terms and Definitions IV - Video
  Multi Engine Training - Transitioning to TAA Aircraft - FAA Video
  Multi Engine Training - Technologically Advanced Aircraft - AOPA pdf Link

Multi Engine Aerodynamics / Flying

  Multi Engine Training - Aerodynamics I - Video
  Multi Engine Training - Aerodynamics II - Video
  FAA Handout: Flying Light Twins Safely - pdf
  Diamond Twin Star VFR and IFR Approach / Pattern Profiles - pdf
  Airplane Flying Handbook - See Chapter 12 Starting at page 25

Diamond DA42 Twin Star Systems

  Diamond Twin Star Systems - Google Slide Show
  Diamond Twin Star Pilot Operating Handbook - Diamond Aircraft Link
  Diamond Twin Star Walk Around - pdf

Diamond DA42 Performance / Wt. and Bal.

  Diamond DA42 Weight and Balance Form - pdf

Garmin G1000

  Garmin G1000 Handouts - pdf

Dates Available: Please call Dustin Wickersham 937-539-2564 for scheduling

Time Required: 3 to 5 day including your checkride

Location: The Bellefontaine Regional Airport (KEDJ)

Directions: Directions to Bellefontaine Regional Airport

Aircraft Used: Garmin G1000 equipped Diamond Twin Star

Cost: Currently for a Multi Engine Rating, we charge $3,950 + the examiner's fee and tax. Although our price is subject to change, once booked, we will hold the price as agreed.

Course Includes: 7.5 hours of flight time + up to 1.3 hours of additional flight time for the checkride. Course includes flight and ground instruction.

...............and an endorsement to rent our aircraft upon completion!

Payment: Midwest Corporate Air's fee is due in full upon completion your training. The Flight Examiner's fee is due upon the commencement of the checkride.

Pre-course Requirements: Private or Commercial License, Valid Medical, Passport or Birth Certificate.