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Midwest Corporate Air: Our Past

Mike_Duff_Charter_PilotMidwest Corporate Air, Inc. (MCA) was established in 1982 by Mike and Lynn Duff at the "old" Bellefontaine Airport (7I7), located 3 miles north of Bellefontaine on State Route 68. For 16 years they owned and operated a very successful Fixed Base Operation (FBO) that provided airport management, aircraft charter, flight training, aerial pipeline observation, aircraft rental, aircraft maintenance and banner towing. Mike was also a Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) for the FAA.

On a cold January night in 1998 Mike, departed on a night freight trip in his Cessna 310R (N31KG) and headed out to Akron Canton Airport to pick up freight and take it to Arkansas. Upon arriving in Akron, and getting out of the aircraft, Mike passed away from a heart attack at the very young age of 43.

Chad_Duff_Mike_DuffTo make a bad situation worse, six weeks later Mike and Lynn's 17 year old son Chad was killed in an automobile accident. Today Mike is survived by his wife Lynn and their daughter Nikki, who is a police dispatcher for the city of Bellefontaine.

Mike_Duff_Flight_InstructorAs a charter pilot, Mike was well known and trusted by the local businesses who used his service as a charter pilot on a regular basis. As for flight instruction, there are many airline, military and private pilots that earned their ratings from Mike Duff. Mike was a man of integrity and with almost 18,000 hours of flight time by the age of 43, he was a true professional aviator.

In 2002 with the completion of the "new" Bellefontaine Regional Airport (previously 4F5, now KEDJ), Lynn sold Midwest Corporate Air, Inc. to Steve Buchenroth. Steve was one of Mikes's first students in 1982 at 7I7. Steve moved the FBO to the new airport, 3 miles west of the city, where it was initially opened with no instrument approaches, limited flight training, no aircraft charter and no aircraft maintenance. Initially there were only four aircraft located on the field.

Midwest Corporate Air: Our Present

Steve_Buchenroth_Flight_InstructorToday, Midwest Corporate Air, Inc. is owned and operated by Steve Buchenroth. We are located at the "new" Bellefontaine Regional Airport (KEDJ). Our address 3100 St Rt 47 West, PO Box 87, Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311. Our phone number is (937) 593-8210.

We provide:

Airport Management for the city of Bellefontaine - Midwest Corporate Air has been the airport manager for the city of Bellefontaine since 1982 when we were located at 7I7. Beginning in July of 2002, we have been located at KEDJ and continue to provide airport management for our city.

Specifically we maintain the over 120 acres of grounds and snow plow approxinately 20 acres with each snow fall. We also maintain the T hangars, runway lighting and perform 24 hour call-out service as needed.

Diamond Twin StarAccelerated Multi Engine Training - With our Diamond Twin Star coupled with considerable multi engine experience from our owner and flight instructor Steve Buchenroth, Midwest Corporate Air has become a leading provider of multi engine private, multi engine commercial and multi engine instructor ratings. We now offer an accelerated ATP (Airline Transport Pilot) License as well. To date, Midwest Corporate Air has trained in excess of 40 multi engine clients who are now employed with the FAA, military and civilian flying operations.

Affordable Aircraft Charter - Since 1982 Midwest Corporate Air has been an FAA certified part 135 air carrier providing affordable air charter service for companies or individuals needing to transport passengers or cargo. With our four passenger Diamond Twin Star, we provide cost effective air transportation at 185 mph for up to three people. Although we are not limited, aircraft charter in our Diamond Twin Star is most efficient at a range of 400 miles or less.

Flight Training - Since relocating to the "new" airport (KEDJ), Midwest Corporate Air has trained over 110 pilots ranging from Private Pilot through ATP. We invite you to visit our facility, talk to our team, review our successes and speak with any of our past or current students before deciding to train with us. If you do decide to train with us, you will realize how much we care about you and how passionate we are about providing excellent flight training, customized to meet your needs.

Aircraft Rental - Currently Midwest Corporate Air has five aircraft available for rent; a 2001 Diamond DA20 Eclipse, a 2003 Diamond DA20 Eclipse, a 2004 Diamond DA40 Star with a Garmin G1000 glass cockpit, a 1974 pristine condition Piper Arrow with Garmin avionics and a 2006 Diamond Twin Star (Multi Engine) with known ice certification.

Diamond Service CenterAircraft Maintenance - Midwest Corporate Air is a Diamond Aircraft Service Center and a Thielert Engine Service Center. Brian Fisher AP, IA offers maintenance on most makes and models of Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft and Maule aircraft. Brian can perform repairs, pre-buys, 100 hour and annual inspectons on your aircraft. He currently maintains over fifteen aircraft on a regular basis.

Aerial Photography - Midwest Corporate Air can take aerial photos for you on our digital camera or you can fly with us and take your own.

Fuel TruckAircraft Line Service - Midwest Corporate Air offers 100LL fuel from our fuel farm and Jet Fuel with prist from our fuel truck. We offer tie downs, overnight hangar service and a courtesy car.

After Hours Service - For after hours service, call Steve Buchenroth at (937) 935-1667 or text him at (935) 597-2055. If no answer, see our contact us page.

Pilot Supplies - Although Midwest Corporate Air does not have a full line of pilot supplies, we do provide an assortment of books, local charts and basic pilot supplies.

Scenic ToursScenic Tours - If you are in the mood for a scenic tour, just give us a call. Since we are an FAA certified air carrier, we can provide scenic tours to any destination.